12 Financial Decisions You Should Learn About in Your 20s

The financial decisions that you make in your 20s take you a long way. Most of the people in their 20s tend to spend most of their salaries on short-term pleasures like traveling frequently to exotic destinations, going out to fancy restaurants every week and buying clothes they don’t need- and most of it is just to look ‘cool’ on social media. I came across a Twitter thread for advice on financial matters which you should stick with, if you want to build a solid foundation for later years.

Indian rupee

Savings, Savings, Savings…

Find the right tools to invest

There are more instruments than Fixed Deposits

Stay away from credit cards

Take Life Insurance but don’t think of it as an investment

Do not fall for loans

The best investment tool there is

Best to invest in a term insurance plan earlier

Invest in a health insurance plan

Be minimalistic with your purchases

Don’t take the bait of equity investment before gaining some knowledge

Think before you lend to friends and family

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