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10 Unique and Healthy Gifts for Diwali- November 2023

It’s really good that we are aware of the sound pollution that we create are working every year towards celebrating a noise-less Diwali. Also, instead of going for the same old Soan Papdi, it’s a good idea to try these novel gifts for your family and relatives. You should not just wish each other of a prosperous Diwali but also look forward to celebrating a ‘Healthy Diwali’.

First Bud Organic Diwali Gift Hamper for Rs 550

We generally overdo in gifting sweets and chocolates during festive times, I think we should really begin with giving the gift of good health. The Diwali Gift Hamper Health Box includes Pahadi Honey – 60 gm, Litchi Honey – 60 gm, Raw Honey – 60 gm , Eucalyptus Honey – 60 gm, 4 Hand Made chocolates, 1 Diwali card and 2 Dia.

Honey is rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and promotes digestive health and strengthens the immune system.

EAT Anytime Diwali Celebration Gift for Rs. 899

The packet contains Hazelnut Whey Protein Balls with Chocolate (Pack of 10), Cranberry Orange Trail Mix (100g), Papaya Pineapple Trail Mix (100g), 2 beautiful diyas, 1 beautiful gift box and 1 greeting.

The Tea Trove Tea Gift Set for Rs. 255

The Tea Trove is innovating with eco-friendly natural cork to make the best use of it as Tea gift packaging material. Cork lends its unique textures, colors and design to our Tea gift packaging, adding elegance to it. Contents: Flavors included are Moroccan Mint tea ; Durbari Kahwa tea ; Honey Lemon Moringa; Detox tea ; Assam Masala Tea.

Omay Food Diwali Delights Gift Box for Rs. 441

It’s a gift box of 100% roasted, non-fried, sugar-free healthy snacks that make a perfect gift for Diwali. Package contains1 x Strawberry Blast (85g), 1 x Berries Mix (85g), 1 x Oats & Moong (75g), 1 x Nutty Mix (50g)

NutwsWave Premium Dry Fruits Gift Box for Rs. 891

A basic gift but a premium one and works for every festival. A packet of assorted dry fruits. The packet contacts Cashew, Almond, Salted Pista, Raisins, Walnuts, Dried Apricots 100 Grams Each

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